I received my order but the package was damaged or the CD case or disc is cracked or broken

We use hard shell boxes to protect the CD's we ship. We have shipped thousands of CD's and have had very few problems with broken CD's. Having said that however, CD's are notoriously prone to having their plastic cases getting cracked in shipping or just about any other act of handling. The plastic case is very thin and it's unsupported from pressure to the front of the
CD. Just a little pressure on the front of the case and even with packing material around it the case will crack.

Another problem is there is nothing to prevent the disc from popping off the spindle and getting scratched by it in the shrink wrapped case. No amount of packing can prevent this.
Way less than one percent of CD's arrive with any damage. Any more effort in packing them would increase the cost to everybody's shipping and handling and would still probably not prevent the above damage. In any event, if you have problems with damage
email us here and we can send you either a replacement case or CD if needed. If you have a problem with damage on an international order, please email us
our remedies may be vary for international orders.

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