International orders and customs

If you are ordering from a country other than the US, depending on the country and the dollar amount of your order, your country may impose an import tax on your order.
We have nothing to do with this tax, it is collected by your country and the time it arrives to the customs office.

All international orders are subject to inspection by your country at the time of import.
Inspections are random or based on dollar amounts or suspicion that the customs declaration doesn't reflect the actual dollar value of the goods. We never falsify customs documents. It's illegal to do so and it just increases the chances your order will be inspected and you will be fined and your order delayed. Again we will not falsify customs documents, please don't ask.

Delivery time for international orders can be as little as 1 week or we have seen 5 week delays which are not uncommon for orders that are being held in customs. The worst delays we see are in the UK and Germany. Japan seems to be the least. Others are all different. If you haven't seen your order after two weeks, check your invoice and make sure you have it correct on your order form. Other wise, your order is most probably sitting in your local customs office waiting processing. You can expect the total delay to reach 4 or more weeks. In all the years we have been doing this there has only been a few orders actually go missing in the mail system, all the others eventually showed up after customs processing.

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